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Dental Bridges

It’s Time to Cross That Line (or Bridge)

Dental Bridges Abbotsford DentalYou may have noticed on another page on our Abbotsford Dental website or have already accrued enough dental knowledge to be aware that Dental Crowns are used in conjunction with Dental bridges. They are both prosthetic devices that are cemented onto existing teeth or implants, but while Dental Crowns are used to ‘cap’ a tooth or cover a damaged tooth entirely, bridges are commonly used to cover a space if you’re missing one or more teeth. Together, dental bridges and crowns can improve the appearance of your tooth or teeth, their shape, alignment, and your dental occlusion (which is your bite.) As a side note, gaps left by missing teeth can force your other teeth to shift, which can again, result in a poor and an unwanted bite.

Luckily, bridges and crowns prevent this from happening.

There are different types of dental bridges, and we’ll briefly discuss each one in the information below, but if you find yourself in a position where a Dental Bridge has been recommended, your dentist at the Abbotsford Dental Clinic will walk you through in detail the best available option and the costs involved.

Types of Dental Bridges

There are 3 main types of dental bridges, and your dentist at Abbotsford Dental will go into an in-depth look at which one suits you best

Traditional Bridges

This is the most common type of bridge and usually made of either porcelain or ceramic material. It involves creating a crown for the tooth or embed on either side of the missing tooth, while placing a pontic in between.

Dental Bridge Procedure - Abbotsford Dental ClinicResin-bonded Bridges

This type of bridge is also known as Maryland bridges or a Maryland bridge. It is generally considered minimally invasive and for your peace of mind, the resin-retained bridge has gone through a number of iterations and is now an effective and sturdy form of treatment. They are made of porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or plastic teeth and gums supported by a metal or porcelain framework. Your existing teeth are bonded with metal or porcelain wings often on just one side of the bridge.

Cantilever Bridges

This type of dental bridge is commonly used when there are adjacent teeth on only one side of your lost tooth.

A Bridge to Happiness

An unsightly or poor bite and a smile full of gaps can wreak havoc with your confidence and self-esteem. If you are self-conscious about your missing teeth or if your mouth has become uncomfortable when chewing and eating, then a bridge might be able to restore your confidence, oral function, and emotional equilibrium. A dental bridge is a permanent fix and something that doesn’t require further maintenance for unlike a denture, which you have to remove and clean at your own discretion, a bridge is dental fixture that can only be removed by your qualified Dentist.

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Christopher Bowman
5-star rating 1 week ago
Both Dr. Frank & Simone were a pleasure - attentive, gentle, informative and up front.
Modern clinic and equipment. Dr Frank was able to identify & fix the cause of my pain that other Dentists seemed to miss.
All in all a fantastic experience - Highly recommend !
Amy C
5-star rating 1 months ago
Great service - first time I'd ever had my teeth professionally cleaned and was a bit apprehensive. But, it was quick, painless and my teeth felt amazing afterwards.
Dr Nikakhtar also gave me practical advice for how to keep my teeth healthy and also walked through the x-rays with me so I knew what was going on.
All of the practice staff are also really friendly! Highly recommended
Marcus Catanzaro
5-star rating2 months ago
Its really rare to find an honest and genuine dentist. My first experience today was nothing but A grade.
All those years of putting of the dentist were instantly rectified. Highly recommend.
Emma Fairhurst
5-star rating 2 months ago
I was extremely impressed with my recent experience at Abbotsford Dental Clinic. The staff were great with my children and I really liked the way
Dr Nikakhtar kept me informed of whatever he was seeing and thinking during their appointments. I really appreciate Dr Nikakhtar's holistic approach.
I was impressed with the dental work alone but on top of that Dr Nikakhtar picked up on issues that impact my health in general now,
and would have in the future if I had remained unaware. There was definitely a sense that our overall wellbeing was of importance.
This is all on top of the clinic being very modern and clean, and a very cleverly placed TV to distract you during the examination! I highly recommend this clinic.
Aves Middleton
5-star rating 6 months ago
Went in for a checkup and clean. Very modern and new clinic. The staff are great and ensured I was kept comfortable the whole time.
As a bonus you get to watch TV the whole time. Highly recommend.
Gregory Yap
5-star rating 3 months ago
The nicest clinic I've been to, and Dr. Frank is an honest and down-to-earth dentist!
Tyler B 5-star rating 6 months ago Friendly and trusting service with a great personal touch. Would recommend Farhang and his team at Abbotsford Dental Clinic to anyone.
Ryan Ashoorian
5-star rating 7 months ago
Good and gentle dentist... very happy

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