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The Invisalign Kit – What do You Get?

When you and your dentist have decided that Invisalign is right for you, then you are ready to embark on the Invisalign journey and gain a brighter smile. There are a few things along the way that will assist the patient and the doctor that Invisalign provides with the trays, Invisalign Pontic System, Invisalign Interproximal Reduction (IPR) Starter kit, and Invisalign Cleaning System. That is a mouthful, but I will explain each one briefly so that patients can get a general idea of what to expect.

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Top 10 Tips For Invisalign Braces

Here are Top 10 Tips for Invisalign Braces that would help individuals in deriving the most out of this innovative orthodontic technology.

  1. One of the most important tips out of Top 10 Tips for Invisalign Braces is to keep clean not just the teeth but also the aligners. The overall hygiene of mouth will keep teeth in their best health plus will also make the braces look clean and clear always.
  2. The presence of the aligners in mouth gives more hiding corners to food particles. When food particles sit for too long in mouth or on teeth, they can cause many oral and dental problems such as bad breath, discoloration of teeth, swollen gums, and cavities. The patients must make habit of regularly removing plaque during Invisalign treatment to gain superior results within short span of treatment.
  3. While cleaning teeth, pay considerable time and attention towards each tooth. Brush them well by paying individual attention towards every individual tooth. Pay extra care attention to those spots where there is contact between teeth and the invisible aligners. The angles, nooks and corners have to be cleaned really well; lest the hidden food will lead to foul smell and decay in mouth. Buy angular toothbrush to clean teeth as well as braces properly.
  4. Consider cleaning of your teeth and Invisalign braces as one the most important aspect of the Top 10 Tips for Invisalign Braces. Clean frontal as well hidden surface of your teeth as that is the exact place where plaque will start getting deposited. Also clean the gums with finger softly to keep them hygienically fit.
  5. Make a point to clean teeth and Invisalign braces particularly after every meal. Do not let food decay in mouth and form harmful bacteria. If brushing is not possible after every meal, then rinse mouth well just as if you are flossing your teeth.
  6. Keep your teeth and braces’ cleaning devices handy and easily accessible. If they are going to be in your sight, you are going to remain inspired and enthusiastic to follow the cleaning regimen. While traveling, prepare a pouch or a handy bag that will house every thing that you would require for dental cleaning.
  7. Another idea out of Top 10 Tips for Invisalign Braces is to consult an expert orthodontist before deciding to avail the treatment of these braces. A credible and a well experienced orthodontist would give you the best possible advice after scrutinizing the actual condition of your teeth.
  8. Remove the aligners before eating food otherwise food particles will get stuck making them foul smelling and stained. The aligners have to be kept in good shape and condition as they are going to remain seated on our teeth for long hours.
  9. Patients can request their orthodontist to arrange for them to see computerized simulation of their teeth projections during their Invisalign treatment. This will let the patients get an idea of how their jaw-line and mouth will look like after they wear their braces.
  10. Amidst the world of dentistry and orthodontists, there are also some of fake and bogus persons who lack any professional knowledge of Invisalign braces and befool gullible patients.

A trustworthy orthodontist is the first step towards the treatment and its success.

Courtesy of ezinearticles.com by Dr Jagmail Basrai

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How To Save On Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign or any clear orthodontic treatment is costly, averaging about $5,000 in the US. “How can I save on straightening my teeth?” is a question in the minds of many candidates.

To begin, “price comparison” is NOT the way to save on Invisalign, though it may seem common-sensical and time-tested. Why not?

  1. Picking a price is also picking the provider who offers that price! Price comparison kills the flexibility as to provider… that’s a dear price already!
  2. Price comparison focuses away from quality, the very goal for your smile in undergoing Invisalign. If quality is low, money and time invested are lost. Whereas a TV can be returned for full refund failing quality, an orthodontic treatment cannot.
  3. Price comparisons tend to identify lower quality. This may mean an Invisalign provider who seeks to build experience, or takes shortcuts in planning the treatment, or simply aims to meet a quota. Unlike a TV, about which independent online reviews are available, an Invisalign provider limits you to his/her self-referential claims and references.
  4. In big cities with enough competition among providers, most prices are similar (within a few hundred dollars), and therefore poor differentiators of providers.

Dental cleanings, fillings, extractions, implants, X-rays all qualify… so do acupuncture, eye glasses or Lasik!

Employers set a maximum FSA amount per year, typically at most $5,000. Starting in 2013, the IRS will limit it to $2,500 per person per year. If these limits seem problematic, they need not be. If your spouse also can opt for an FSA, this FSA may be used to pay for your Invisalign. If your spouse also wishes Invisalign, fine, the following year you switch roles and devote both your FSAs to your spouse’s Invisalign. The tax savings are the same if you file jointly, and in any case significant. What if a spousal FSA is unavailable? If you are planning other dental work, ask your Invisalign provider for a discount on Invisalign this year and “full price” on the other dental work next year – you may offer a good faith deposit for the future work. Then simply play FSA two years in a row. Use your creativity!

Courtesy of ezinearticles.com by Parisa S Safaei

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Invisalign Dentist – Know The Risks Before You Visit One

Invisalign is a revolutionary new teeth-straightening method that uses plastic aligners to gradually shape your smile over time. It offers great advantages over the old “metal mouth” braces that so many kids dread. With this treatment, the Invisalign dentist uses computer imaging to create your aligners. Each is worn for a period of two weeks and then discarded for the next one. This treatment method is helping lots of people straighten their teeth, but there are a few slight risks.

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The Cost of Invisalign – Is it Justified?

How much does Invisalign cost? Invisalign gained popularity when it provided the option of teeth alignment without the ugly metal wires sticking out in your mouth. You certainly will feel self-conscious meeting people with your wired teeth so visibly obvious. Consequently, the thought of not looking good will result in an unfavorable decrease in self confidence.

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Combining Traditional Braces and Invisalign For Best Results

As patients become more educated about the types of orthodontic options available to them, many ask the orthodontists about options that aren’t as noticeable as traditional braces. However, even though treatment such as Invisalign can correct a wide variety of orthodontic issues and technological improvements continue to broaden the spectrum of cases that are treatable with Invisalign, there remain some cases that are too complicated for Invisalign alone.

In those cases, the orthodontics experts often recommends combining the old with the new: traditional braces and/or appliances combined with Invisalign treatment.

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Adults Are the Best Market For Invisible Braces – Invisalign

The best and most common market for braces has historically been children and teenagers because of the fact that their oral structure is in continuous growth and development, under such circumstances braces are able to work wonders and correct a set of teeth which may be misaligned. 10 to 20 years ago the market for braces only included 5% of adults but today that percentage has grown to 20 and 30%, these numbers depend upon the country and financial situation of its citizens, but regardless of financials the adult demand for braces has increased dramatically in the past few years.

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Acrylic Trimmers – Essential Inventory of Dental Supplies

Dentistry involves a variety of procedures carried out to maintain oral health and restore or replace damaged teeth.

Some of these are:

  • Tooth whitening to remove stains
  • Bonding to take care of chipped or cracked teeth
  • Enamel shaping to modify teeth
  • Veneers to cover the front side of the teeth that are worn or stained
  • Braces to correct crooked or crowded teeth
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5 Tips to Read Before Getting Invisalign

From the very first day when you walk into the dentist office, you think to yourself, this is going to suck! If you’re in good hands it makes it so much easier. The Orthodontist makes the difference to Invisalign’s success and failure. If he is ambitious and thorough, you will most likely succeed through the Invisalign treatment. If he double books patients, tells you to come back, and you can’t get a hold of him when your mouth hurts, then your Orthodontist is lame; get a new one.

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