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What we offer:

  • Everything associated with strong and healthy teeth, infection free gums, restorative and cosmetic treatment, and an emphasis on preventative measures
  • Brilliant and satisfactory results, no matter the issue
  • A highly qualified, determined, and helpful team of dental professionals who will work with you
  • And a welcoming, easily accessible practice

Abbotsford General Dentist Dr Nikakhtar


To begin the process of pursuing a form of treatment at our Abbotsford Dental clinic, our team will take the necessary steps to ensure you of a worry-free visit. We will be friendly and informative while walking you through the steps of a thorough, in-depth examination.

That Will Get The Ball Rolling

The examination process is a polished and resourceful endeavour that not only allow us to become familiar with your dental needs, but also satisfy strict industry standards. Gathering enough personal information in order to proceed with any potential treatment will obviously help us move forward with an efficient and uncomplicated plan of action, so feel free to be as honest as you possibly can.

Our examination will naturally include an assessment of your gums and surrounding tissue, your teeth, the associated joints, and muscles in the jaw. As a friendly reminder, all consultations in the Abbotsford clinic will include the use of digital x-rays and imaging to help identify and properly isolate the problem, which will again, only help us with choosing a form of treatment that is best suited to you.


With years of expertise and knowledge and accrued research under our belt, our team at Abbotsford Dental are able to offer an extensive list of options when it comes to your personal needs. We will never rush your consultation and be up front and as informative as we can when discussing the benefits pf your treatment, as well as what to expect, the costs involved, and the aftercare required.
We will never leave you in the lurch and will be with you every step of the way.


It is our priority to maintain professional integrity and assure all of our patients that what we are doing is not only 100% safe and industry approved, but a highly personal and intimate journey that we are happy to undertake.

Again, at Abbotsford Dental, you are in great hands.

We understand the associated fear and tension that accompanies a visit to the dentist, so we strive to alleviate any stress or worry you may be experiencing, right from the get go. Informative, being approachable and welcoming, being professional and also friendly, are just a few ways in which we carry ourselves, so that you, the patient, will never have to worry about a thing.

Routine Check-Ups

It may sound like a drag, but routine check-ups are important in ensuring your oral health for years to come. At Abbotsford Dental, we simply want to help and assist our patients with their needs, and this can obviously be an easier process if you keep intact your routine check-ups.

We are a proud bunch at Abbotsford Dental, and our goal each and every time with each and every patient is to have them leaving our clinic with a big, healthy smile. Come in for a visit today!


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