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Welcome to Abbotsford Dental Clinic

Abbotsford Dental Clinic focuses on providing excellence in dental care whilst creating a comfortable environment for all of our patients. We go above and beyond for our patients’ needs and use only the highest quality materials and products to create beautiful smiles. Within walking distance to Abbotsford, Richmond, Collingwood and Clifton Hill, Abbotsford Dental Clinic is the right choice for all your dental needs.

How To Find The Best Fitzroy & Abbotsford Dental Practice

If you currently live in Melbourne in Australia, and you are searching for a dental practice to contact, you may want to consider working Read More

with the professionals in the Fitzroy & Abbotsford suburbs. You will be able to find a dental practice that has built up a solid reputation in Melbourne, providing general dentistry, teeth whitening, and even dental implants. There are many reasons that you should set an appointment with one of these dentists, especially if you are suffering from some type of urgent dental need. Here is an overview of how you can find a reputable Fitzroy & Abbotsford dental practice that can help you resolve your dental problem. Read Less

How To Find Dental Practices In Fitzroy & Abbotsford

As you sift through the many different listings that you will find online, you will see that there are several different dental practices in theseRead More

suburbs of Melbourne. Some of them are specifically able to help with general dental needs such as billing cavities, and providing dental checkups. Others will specialize in various areas including orthodontics, periodontal disease, and there are those that are cosmetic dentists. They are able to work with dental implants, veneers, and dental bridges. Depending upon why you need to see a dentist, you can see that there are many to choose from. Read Less

How To Evaluate Each Dental Practice

There are a couple of ways that you can evaluate each dental practice that you will find. First of all, you should be able to locate one that is close to Read More

your location. If you happen to live in Fitzroy and Abbotsford, or in one of the surrounding communities in Melbourne, there should be one that is within a few miles of your location. Next, you need to consider what type of dentist you need to see. If you have a cavity, or if you need a root canal, a dentist that practices general dentistry should be able to help you. If you have children that need to get braces, you will want to choose an orthodontist. Finally, if you would like to improve your smile, perhaps because you have lost a tooth, you can speak with a cosmetic dentist that can provide you with several different options. Read Less

Social Feedback Is Very Important

Many of these dental practices will have reviews that have been provided by people that have used their services. The comments that theyRead More

have made, or the star ratings that they have attributed to each dental practice, can provide you with an inside look at how these dental practices operate. If there are several dentists that have positive reviews, those of the ones that you should focus upon. Out of these highly recommended dental practices, you will then segregate them by what they specialize in. If you need to fix a chipped tooth, requiring veneers, then you can compare the cosmetic dentists in the area. If you have sore gums, or if it has been several months since your last dental cleaning, a general dental practice is what you will want to consider contacting. Those that have the highest feedback should be at the top of your list when you are creating a list of potential dentist to call. Once you have that list, you will then want to see who has available openings, and then set your appointment with one of the most highly recommended dental practices. Read Less

What Type Of Services Does A General Dentist Provide?

Those that practice general dentistry are able to do fillings, root canals, and extract teeth. They can help you with TMD and bruxism, and they Read More

may also provide sedation or sleep dentistry if you do not do well during these procedures. If you have bad breath, or if you need to get dentures, those that practice general dentistry will be able to improve your condition. The one that you choose should have positive feedback from the people that have used this dentist in the Fitzroy & Abbotsford areas, attesting to how good they are at these procedures.Read Less

What Does A Cosmetic Dentist Do?

These dentists can provide a wide range of different treatments. Many people believe that they are specifically there to provide dental Read More

implants. However, they are also able to do full mouth rehabilitation procedures, crowns and bridges, and also provide teeth whitening. They can do inlays and onlays, links in your crowns, and also work with veneers. At the very least, they will understand how to do dental implants, allowing them to restore your smile by providing you with an implant and crown.Read Less

What If You Need Preventative Dentistry?

>Preventative dentistry is probably the most important aspect of going to a general practitioner. Many of the treatments that they Read More

will provide will ensure that you will not develop cavities or other problems related to your teeth and gums. They can provide regular examinations to look for problem areas, and also provide dietary advice. You can set an oral hygiene appointment with them so that they can help you understand how to properly brush her teeth and floss. They can also apply fissure sealants, periodontal care, fluoride treatments, and even create custom-made mouth guards for those that have bruxism. Finally, they can also be very helpful when it comes to providing oral hygiene education. It will help you understand what you need to do in order to keep your teeth as long as possible, and also avoid developing cavities.Read Less

How Quickly Can You Get An Appointment?

It is possible to get an appointment very quickly if you are making multiple calls. You will likely have two or three dentists that look very Read More

promising. After comparing them, you will know that they will provide you with excellent dental care, but you may need to set an appointment right away. Whether you are experiencing slight discomfort, or if you have excruciating pain from what might be a tooth that needs a root canal, you can always find a dentist that can see you in the next few days. It is also possible to work with the dentist that will provide you with emergency services. These will cost you significantly more than a regular dentist appointment. However, there are dental professionals that are in the Fitzroy & Abbotsford suburbs that will have no problem at all making time for you so that you can avoid all of this discomfort. In addition to general dentistry, some of them will also help with cosmetic dental needs. You may have chipped a tooth, or perhaps you are having a problem with in the near that has come off. They understand how embarrassing this can be. If you need to have an appointment very quickly, some of them are able to rearrange their schedule, allowing you to come in the following day. You will have to call multiple dentists to make sure that you find one that can accommodate your immediate needs. Finding a dentist in the Fitzroy & Abbotsford suburbs is not that hard to do. There are dental practices all throughout Melbourne that will be willing to help. It is important that you do all of this research prior to contacting a dentist that will help you with your current situation. By doing so, you can be confident that you will be able to resolve your dental issue in a reasonable amount of time. If you currently have a dental need, always look for these professionals that will help you resolve your issue and also help you save money. The research that you do will lead you to the right dental practice in the Fitzroy & Abbotsford suburbs that will be the right one for you.Read Less

Caring and personal Abbotsford dental

We seek to go above and beyond for all of our patients. Our dentists have a caring and understanding approach, listening, diagnosing and treating and issues while keeping your best interests at heart.

What we do

Cosmetic Dentistry

Improving the appearance of your smile can dramatically boost your confidence in all aspects of your life. We offer a full range of cosmetic services including whitening, Invisalign, crowns, and veneers.


Invisalign® straightens your teeth using a custom-made series of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic aligners. After comprehensive records are taken and studies done to your teeth, an assessment is made to straighten your teeth without traditional wires.

General Dental Care

At Abbotsford Dental Clinic we strongly believe stopping something turning into a problem is much better than trying to fix an issue once it has occurred. Regular check-ups and cleans make sure that any issues are caught early and treated

Emergency Care

We are here to help you, any time, any day, and when your Abbotsford, Collingwood and Clifton Hill dental health is at risk, we’ll do everything we can to make sure that you’re treated as soon as possible.

View our range of Abbotsford dental services

Abbotsford Dental has all new dental chairs, digital x-rays as well as the latest advancements in dental technology to provide quality, minimally invasive dentist treatment for our Abbotsford, Collingwood, Clifton Hill and Richmond dental patients.

Health Funds & Partnerships
Children’s Dental & Health
Teeth Whitening
Root Canal Treatment
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Christopher Bowman
rating star 1 week ago
Both Dr. Frank & Simone were a pleasure - attentive, gentle, informative and up front.
Modern clinic and equipment. Dr Frank was able to identify & fix the cause of my pain that other Dentists seemed to miss.
All in all a fantastic experience - Highly recommend !
Amy C
rating star 1 months ago
Great service - first time I'd ever had my teeth professionally cleaned and was a bit apprehensive. But, it was quick, painless and my teeth felt amazing afterwards.
Dr Nikakhtar also gave me practical advice for how to keep my teeth healthy and also walked through the x-rays with me so I knew what was going on.
All of the practice staff are also really friendly! Highly recommended
Marcus Catanzaro
rating star2 months ago
Its really rare to find an honest and genuine dentist. My first experience today was nothing but A grade.
All those years of putting of the dentist were instantly rectified. Highly recommend.
Emma Fairhurst
rating star 2 months ago
I was extremely impressed with my recent experience at Abbotsford Dental Clinic. The staff were great with my children and I really liked the way
Dr Nikakhtar kept me informed of whatever he was seeing and thinking during their appointments. I really appreciate Dr Nikakhtar's holistic approach.
I was impressed with the dental work alone but on top of that Dr Nikakhtar picked up on issues that impact my health in general now,
and would have in the future if I had remained unaware. There was definitely a sense that our overall wellbeing was of importance.
This is all on top of the clinic being very modern and clean, and a very cleverly placed TV to distract you during the examination! I highly recommend this clinic.
Aves Middleton
rating star 6 months ago
Went in for a checkup and clean. Very modern and new clinic. The staff are great and ensured I was kept comfortable the whole time.
As a bonus you get to watch TV the whole time. Highly recommend.
Gregory Yap
rating star 3 months ago
The nicest clinic I've been to, and Dr. Frank is an honest and down-to-earth dentist!
Tyler B rating star 6 months ago Friendly and trusting service with a great personal touch. Would recommend Farhang and his team at Abbotsford Dental Clinic to anyone.
Ryan Ashoorian
rating star 7 months ago
Good and gentle dentist... very happy

Abbotsford Dental Clinic
is rated at 5.0 based on 9 reviews.