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What New Patients Can Expect Upon Your First Visit?

Walking through the doors of Abbotsford Dental Clinic signals trust. You are coming to us because you believe in our reputation, our professional services, and our promise of restoring or repairing your once healthy, glowing smile. Accordingly, we will repay that faith by making you feel most welcomed, informed, and as comfortable as possible with any form of treatment you may require.

There’s a just little bit of paperwork first…

With any form of treatment or medical appointment, paperwork is essential. There’s really no way around this, so after you are offered a seat in our waiting room, you will be presented with a bit of admin. Don’t be nervous. From personal details obviously, to ongoing or previous health issues, to the type of treatment or treatments you are considering, this process won’t take you longer than 10-15 minutes. Easy. Efficient. Done. As a side note, and one that we will greatly appreciate, we ask our new patients to be prepared for it.

We’ll supply the pens, you supply the info.

As you may expect, and without wanting to toot our own horn, we are often quite busy so it’s highly recommended to come to our clinic in advance and give yourself enough time to fill out these pesky little forms before your actual appointment. We suggest at least 15-20 minutes before the appointment as an adequate block of time to allocate, and by doing this, not only will you receive a gold start for punctuality and intuition, but it will ensure the most efficient method in moving forward.

No one likes to slow down the cue, so if necessary, and on rare occasions where we see potential problems or log jams arising, some of our patients are even welcome to fill out the relevant paperwork in advance and bring it in to the office at the time of their appointment. Winning. This will obviously help expedite the process and ensure everything is good to go before your examination, and that more importantly, everyone is on the same, proverbial page.

Here comes the examination

After the black and white nature of the paperwork is filed and analysed and appropriately passed on, it will be time to meet your dentist at Abbotsford Dental. Go time, as we like to call it. We also understand it is a highly personal and intimate journey you are about to embark on, so our dentists will walk through your dental/medical history, what you want for the future, and lessen any worry you may be feeling at this point in time. Feel free to tell them anything.

They are not only there to assist you with your dental needs, but are also there to listen, to make suggestions, and to address any concerns in relation to potential oral health issues or treatment plans. We will always remain friendly and comforting and as reassuring as possible, so as a reminder (and our dentists will reiterate this) we will welcome questions at any stage of the visit.

Don’t be shy.

Once this step is formalised and ticked off, the visit will then move forward into the realms of an in-depth examination of your teeth, gums, and mouth. This can include the use of panoramic radiographs or x-rays, and will be recommended via the dentist’s discretion.

But don’t panic.

The examination process and the use of such technology can help detect potential oral health conditions including sinus troubles, lesions, and/or fractures, things of course, that we want to repair and restore. It may sound scary, but these are the tried and true methods for detection and subsequent action.

Let’s do it!

Rest assured, our team here at Abbotsford Dental is dedicated to using safe and the most proven examination methods to offer patients a comfortable and mostly pain-free experience. As another piece of reassurance, patients are also more than welcome to ask for their exam results and will be offered a copy afterwards for their keeping. “There’s absolutely nothing to hide”.

Consultation With Your Dental Team

After the dental examination has been carried out, our team will then sit down and begin mapping out a comprehensive dental treatment plan based on your needs and the current state of your oral health. This is ultimately why you are in the dentist’s chair, so we will naturally discuss our findings, our suggestions, and any potential treatment options that may be on the table.

You can trust us

Your dentist at Abbotsford Dental will then use their expertise, their skillset, and their accrued knowledge when suggesting what the best course of action actually is. Once again, you are welcome to ask questions, offer your opinions, talk about alternative treatments, and will always be given the power and the final say with what actually eventuates. “It’s totally up to you”.

Time for Treatment

Once all of the relevant treatment details have been discussed and agreed upon, we will move forward with a copy of our treatment plan and the correlating procedures that you may require. This will include what’s recommended, the costs involved and our final quote, and all the other essential information that you need to know.

It’s that Easy

If, however, you wish to return before the treatment is administered to ask further questions about the plan itself or express any concerns in moving forward, then by all means, you are more than welcome to. After all, we want to help you and walk you through every step of the way, for at Abbotsford Dental, we pride ourselves on offering the most detailed, fair, competitive and professionally sound treatment around.


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