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Sleep Dentistry

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Your Guide to Sleep Dentistry: Is It Right for You?

Ever heard of sleep or twilight dentistry? This practice is becoming more popular across the country, helping people who suffer from anxiety feel more comfortable and at ease when they need a dental check up or treatment. But what does it involve?

What Is Sleep Dentistry?

Also known as sedation dentistry, sleep dentistry is when your dentist uses sedation or general anaesthetic to make you less conscious of any occurring dental work. What they use will depend on the level of sedation you require or feel comfortable with, as well as your dentist’s own capabilities.

Sedatives can help you feel extremely calm and relaxed — if you feel anxious or nervous about an upcoming dental treatment or visit, this can be the perfect thing.

What Is Sleep Dentistry Like?

You generally will receive the sedation via an IV or as an oral pill. However, if your dentist uses nitrous oxide, this will be administered as a gas through a nosepiece or mask. If you opt for a general anaesthetic, you will receive this through an IV. You may feel a slight pinch as this goes in.

From there, if you have received a sedative, you will begin to feel relaxed while still being aware of your surroundings. Some people even feel so calm that they fall asleep! If you choose a general anaesthetic, once this has been administered, you will fall into a safe and monitored sleep-like state.

Even if you remain conscious during your sedation dentistry, you will not feel any pain. Similarly, for both options, you will feel like no time has passed during the treatment. If you go under a general anaesthetic, you will also have no memory of the treatment. This may also be the case for other sedation options, but this varies from person to person.

Is Sleep Dentistry Safe?

As sleep dentistry can only be performed by trained professionals, you can trust that you will be in good hands. The process is safe with very few risk factors, many of which can be navigated by choosing the best form of sedation.

When you wake from your procedure or the sedation begins to wear off, you may experience a little lingering drowsiness — like you’ve had a less-than-ideal night’s sleep — and a dry mouth. Some people can also have a slight headache or feel a little nauseous but this usually passes quickly. These side effects can also be easily treated with medications.

Why Should I Ask My Dentist About Sleep Dentistry?

1. Feel Calm & Confident About Your Dental Treatment

While there are a host of advantages to twilight and sleep dentistry, people are prominently interested in feeling relaxed at the dentist. Depending on past experiences and general anxiety, you may feel nervous about coming to your next appointment, especially if you are undergoing a particular treatment.

However, knowing that you will be well-cared for and guaranteed to feel calm, it can be a completely different experience. You may even find yourself looking forward to a nice little break in an otherwise busy life!

2. Get Multiple Treatments Completed in a Single Appointment

If it’s been a while since your last visit or you need a some work done on your teeth, sleep dentistry can make it easier for you to get a few different procedures completed in one session. This is because the relaxed state means that you will be more comfortable for a longer period of time. As a result, it can be especially helpful if you have a busy schedule or need to travel a long way to visit your dentist.

3. Wake Up With No Memory of the Procedure

For those patients that receive a general anaesthetic, you will have no memory of your dental treatment. If you are extremely anxious about visiting the dentist, this can be a welcome side effect. From there, you can build more positive associations with your dentist, like having a nice chat, feeling relaxed and having healthy teeth!

Feel Even Calmer With a Holistic Approach

Sleep dentistry is an excellent way to feel relaxed at the dentist, but we believe we can make you feel even calmer. This is because we pair our sleep dentistry services with a gentle and holistic approach to your oral health.

We holistically practise by listening to your needs, and exploring how other parts of your life and body can affect your oral health. Ultimately, we want you to feel in control of your oral health and that we are here to support you to do just that.

Additionally, we endeavour to create an atmosphere that helps you feel relaxed and safe. This includes soothing music, talking you through what will happen in any procedure and answering any questions you may have.

Try Twilight Dentistry for Yourself

If you’re looking for dental services in Abbotsford that offer sleep dentistry, be sure to give us a call at Abbotsford Dental. Our dentists in Abbotsford can discuss the best options for you, and come up with a plan to make you feel comfortable and relaxed at your next visit.