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Comprehensive Planning

Cosmetic Dentistry

Comprehensive planning are words that instil confidence, reassurance, and a well-devised future. Ultimately, it means being prepared. When it comes to dentistry, such a premise is no different. In fact, comprehensive planning when it comes to your oral health, simply refers to any treatment that is needed to maintain or restore your dental health, without falling to the clutches of negligence or a sense of naivety.

At Abbotsford Dental, we know life is busy. We know there are constant challenges, things to do, and a list of responsibilities about as long as your right leg.

Your teeth and oral health shouldn’t have to take a back seat

Comprehensive Planning Dental Health

Comprehensive Planning Dental Health

That’s why at Abbotsford Dental, and as part of our holistic approach to not only your oral health but your overall state of well-being, we encourage good, healthy habits, while reiterating the fact that it is important to maintain your teeth and gum health during the course of your life.

Naturally, if you are younger, your teeth haven’t been exposed to as much wear and tear, so it is in childhood and adolescence that we certainly recommend preventive care and good dental hygiene practices.

If, however, you are well-entrenched in the busy and non-stop world of adulthood or a nearing the category a senior citizen, it is equally important you remain as vigilant as possible and take the necessary steps to restore or maintain your overall, dental health.

It is never too late.

Stress can cause Dental Problems

Stress is something we all just have to live with from time to time. Be it financial pressure, family illness, personal injury or emotional capitulation, stress, unfortunately, is almost unavoidable. We all experience it, and in varying ways, but as well as the normal and recognizable issues that stress inevitably create, stress can also significantly impact your dental health.


Well things such as biting harder or grinding your teeth can place unnecessary amounts of stress and unwanted pressure on both your teeth and along your jawline. This can then lead to improper alignment, an increase in tooth decay, and even a wonky bite. At least 20% of people grind their teeth during the day as a result elevated stress levels, as well as 10% who do when they sleep. This grinding and excessive jaw clenching (or bruxism as its referred to in dentistry) may expedite the wear and tear of your teeth by up to 30%. That’s a significant number and a lot of added stress on your teeth and mouth.

Another medical problem that can be traced to the deteriorating state of your teeth is GERD, which is basically reflux in layman terms. Recent statistics suggest that more than 25% percent of patients who unfortunately suffer from such an unpleasant condition, rarely show any symptoms, except for the deterioration and eventual loss of their teeth enamel. A strange but perhaps logical truth when it comes to GERD sufferers, is that rather a doctor or other medical specialist, they are ultimately diagnosed by their dentist, as per the enamel indication.

How about that!

Dental Comprehensive Planning

Above are just a few examples of how unforeseen or even uncontrollable day-to-day challenges can impact your oral health and the integrity of your teeth and jaw, so again, at Abbotsford Dental, we stand by our mission statement of having some form of comprehensive planning in place. To have a clear idea and goal, along with as much information and professional input as possible, certainly steers you the right direction.

Together, it will help alleviate and even prevent dental issues from ever arising in the future. Like any form of long-term planning then or future projection, comprehensive dental planning encapsulates many aspects of your life, including daily habits, overall health, and how dedicated you are in your personal, health-related obligations. Some even label the simple premise of comprehensive planning as ‘adult dental care’ which implies the responsibility is on you and you alone. Take action. Be mindful. And be prepared!

How Abbotsford Dental Clinic can help?

If you are serious about committing to a comprehensive dental plan, then the process naturally starts with a consultation, just like any other form of treatment. During that time, our dentists will guide you through a series of questions and queries to determine your goals, your concerns, and how you envision your dental health unfolding long into the future. Our dentists at Abbotsford dental will gauge your dental, medical, and psychological history (or as much as you are willing to disclose) before devising a comprehensive and in-depth plan for you. This way, you will have a clear set of long-term and personalised goals in place which can only keep you on the right path.

Hello healthy smile!

In addition, you should be aware that a comprehensive dental plan includes more than just a check-up and a series of questions. It thankfully (at least from the perspective of being thorough) includes a complete set of dental x-rays, periodontal measurements, digital photographs, an in-depth analysis of your jawbone and surrounding muscles and tissues, and impressions & bite registrations of your teeth. It’s an extensive and deliberate process, yes, but these steps will ensure the team at Abbotsford Dental they have every piece of vital information available to devise a plan to keep your mouth clean and healthy for decades.


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