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White Fillings

Why should I consider white fillings?

Most people already have fillings of some description. Big, silver inserts covering decay and rot are not uncommon, and when you laugh or speak passionately, they are usually always visible. Nowadays, and in direct contrast to the more primitive practices of dentistry, fillings are much more natural looking and can effortlessly blend in with your smile.

Understandably, and with the introduction of social media and a culture that champions (rightly or wrongly) appealing physical features, many people today are more conscious about the way they look, so things such as silver fillings that clearly show when you laugh or smile, are far less desirable and sometimes avoided altogether.

Enter, the white filling.

How Expensive are White Fillings?

The cost of white fillings can vary from dentist to dentist, but at Abbotsford Dental, we aim to offer the best available treatment for the best possible price. That being said, white fillings depend on the size and the type of filling used and the time it takes to complete the treatment.

At Abbotsford Dental, we will be up front and clear with the costs and the process involved, so that you are one hundred percent comfortable with moving forward with a white filling treatment.

Dental White Fillings vs. Silver Fillings | Dentist Abbotsford

Are White Fillings as good as Silver Fillings?

The accepted notion amongst the dental industry is that white fillings are less durable than regular, silver amalgam fillings. Luckily, however, there are now new materials available that are comparable to silver amalgam, and these are proving to be very successful.

The life expectancy of a white filling can depend greatly on where it is in your mouth of course, and how heavily your teeth come together when you bite and chew your food, but at Abbotsford Dental, our team of professionals will be able to advise you on how long your fillings should last and what to expect with such a fairly straight forward treatment.

Should I replace my silver fillings with white fillings?

At Abbotsford Dental, we would only recommend doing so if your old fillings are compromised or are in need of a swift replacement. If that is the case, then of course you can have a tooth-coloured or white filling fitted to blend in with your natural colour.

As general advice, some dentists don’t always feel comfortable with white fillings being used in the back teeth. One way around this, however, would be to use crowns or inlays, but this can mean removing more of the tooth and can be more expensive and mean a longer process.

In the end, and after offering as much information and insight as we can, it is totally up to you.

What are white fillings even made of?

This can also vary, as most things can when it comes to certain dental treatment, but white fillings are predominantly made of glass particles, synthetic resin, and a setting ingredient that allows them to mould to the natural shape of your tooth.

Again, if you decide to go down the path of having white fillings, the team at Abbotsford Dental will guide you in the right direction and offer you all the relevant information pertaining to ingredients and substances used and if white fillings are best suited for you.

White fillings are popular, cheaper than crowns and inlays, and have a great success rate. If you are in the Abbotsford, Collingwood, Richmond, Kew or Fitzroy areas, why not make a booking today and explore the ideas of having a white filling fitted today.


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