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Case Studies

Cosmetic Dentistry
Dentist Abbotsford before and after pictures


These photos are taken on the same patient 11 months apart.

Our patient presented himself unhappy about his smile. His bottom teeth were sitting in front of his
top teeth, crowded and the patient was experiencing gum problems because of difficulty
cleaning the overlapping areas. He had been previously told that correction of his issues would involve surgery and braces over the course of several years.

Through careful planning and management, we were able to come up with a treatment using the Invisalign system. Over the course of 42 weeks, we used 21 clear Invisalign trays to correct the patient’s cosmetic concerns. This plan involved no permanent damage to his teeth, no crowns or veneers and would be easy to manage long term with retainers.

The trays were changed every 2 weeks, with the patient returning for review appointments
once every 2 months. There was no other invasive treatment involved in this process.

The result exceeded the patient’s expectations and the patient is more confident in their smile. They were surprised that the process took less than a year given the previous information they had been given. They have also noted that their gums bleed less with cleaning and do not stain as often due to the crowding corrections.

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These photos were taken on the same patient just over an hour a part from one another.

The patient presented unhappy about the colour of her teeth and wanted the colour of her teeth evened out and overall whiter. After a discussion of what different treatments could be offered in such situation we went ahead with a thorough scale and clean followed by a Zoom in-chair whitening.

The results were drastically whiter teeth with a very happy patient! The patient was also given take home trays to assist in maintaining the whiteness long term as well as placing desensitising medicament in for short term relief.

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Teeth Whitening


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