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Trusty old Dentures

Here at Abbotsford Dental, we understand that your teeth have to withstand a lot. Years and decades of wear and tear, hard and potentially dangerous food, trauma, the natural aging process, certain lifestyle choices…they all can lead to your natural teeth becoming weaker due to tooth decay, disease, or injury, and they may even fall out.

As well as offering every cosmetic and standard dental treatment available, dentures, or false teeth in the old language, might be the best option for you when you find yourself with weakened and damaged or completely missing teeth.

Dentures will not only hep remedy problematic teeth and unsightly gaps, but also provide your face with support as well as enabling you to speak and eat properly again. Sound good? Dentures come in a wide variety of designs, from conventional and removable dentures that clasp onto your teeth, to some that are permanent implants.

What should I expect with Dentures?

Dentures, for as common as they are, will need to be remoulded and refitted or even remade over the course of your life, due to the wear and tear of the years that follow. As confronting as it sounds, gums and even bone can shrink or recede, which will naturally cause your dentures to align differently and even uncomfortably.

Poorly fitting dentures can be painful, and they can also contribute to the development of infections and nasty sores. Predictability, loose dentures will also affect your ability to speak and eat properly, which is the last thing anyone will want.

Read on…

As you may suspect, there may be an adjustment period when leaving the dentist’s chair with your new, personalised dentures. They may even feel uncomfortable or loose to a certain degree, at least in the initial period of where the muscles in your tongue and cheek familiarise themselves with your new treatment.  Be patient.

At Abbotsford Dental, we may recommend you wear your new dentures as much as possible in the first few days, and even when you sleep, so your mouth can get used to them and ultimately expedite the process.

However, it is not a healthy or wise decision to leave them in constantly, especially when it comes to the health of your gums, so after a while, the team at Abbotsford Dental will suggest you give your gums a rest by removing your dentures before bed.

There may also be some irritation and soreness in the days and weeks after treatment, as well as an excess of saliva in your mouth, but thankfully, these symptoms should significantly decrease over time. If they don’t or you experience any complications or abnormal pain, we advise you to speak to your dentist at Abbotsford Dental to fix the problem.

You are not alone.

Looking forward, your dentures will serve you well so there’s no reason to fear them!

Types of Dentures

A Full Denture is just that. Full. As in being placed in your mouth after any remaining teeth have been removed, and serving you and your needs that previously your natural teeth would have been equipped to do. If a patient is missing both their upper and lower teeth, then naturally, a pair of complete dentures will be the course of action.

A Partial Denture is used to replace some of your missing teeth. These types of dentures may be tooth-supported or both tooth and tissue supported. Fortunately, your dentist at Abbotsford Dental will advise you on which suits you best, as well as any questions you have moving forward.

And an Immediate Denture is one that is placed in your mouth as soon as any of your natural teeth are removed. This is organised in a previous appointment, where required measurements are taken and the models are subsequently constructed. The purpose of an immediate denture is to make sure there are no gaps or missing teeth while your jaw is healing. Good news!

Moving forward with Dentures

It can be a hard to admit that you need false teeth or a corrective or restorative dental treatment. For whatever reason, be it poor oral hygiene, trauma, tooth decay or infection, the prospect of dentures may be daunting, scary, and something you try to put off for as long as possible.

At Abbotsford dental, however, we have seen first hand how so many of our patients experience life-changing results with their new dentures & dental implants, as well as a new, beautiful and confident smile.

Why wait any longer?

It’s never too late to recreate your healthy and beautiful smile – so call us here at Abbotsford dental today or if you’re in the Abbotsford, Collingwood, or Fitzroy area, why not drop in and visit us in our clinic today!


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