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tonsil stones

Unveiling the Mystery of Tonsil Stones: What You Need To Know

Tonsil stones, also known as tonsilloliths, may sound like something from a horror movie — but they’re a relatively common and generally harmless occurrence. They certainly don’t constitute a dental emergency, but they can be a source of discomfort, embarrassment, and even bad breath. So, what exactly are tonsil stones, and how can you deal […]

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emergency dental services

Tips & Tricks From After-Hours Emergency Dentists

Dental emergencies are never fun. Whether you’re experiencing an intense toothache or have sustained dental trauma, chances are you’ll need professional intervention sooner rather than later. If a dental emergency falls outside of standard operating hours, that’s where an after-hours emergency dentist comes in. If you’re currently in the throes of a dental emergency — […]

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What Does Abbotsford Dental Clinic Offer for Smile Transformation?

Abbotsford Dental Clinic is your one-stop shop for a comprehensive range of dental services. Whether you need a standard checkup and clean or a full smile transformation, we have the resources and services you need to smile with confidence. The ultimate dental touchpoint for many Melburnians, Abbotsford Dental Clinic is accessible for central and inner […]

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Same Day Dental Crowns

Tips for Choosing a Dental Clinic That You Can Trust

In Melbourne’s inner city alone, there are a wealth of dental services available, from Fitzroy to Kew. With a clinic on every corner of almost every suburb, Melbourne has enough dentists to rival their total cafe count. But does quantity necessarily mean quality, or do you need to work to find a dentist you can […]

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dental crown | Dentist Abbotsford

How Same-Day Dental Crowns Work & Why You Should Consider Them?

What sets same-day dental crowns apart from their original counterparts? Essentially, it all boils down to CEREC® (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) methodology, which condenses the entire process — from preparation to completion — into two hours. Considering that the traditional method of producing and placing dental crowns can take weeks, you can save […]

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Dental Services

What You Should Know About Dental Services?

We know that dentist services can be a little stressful – and not just because of the drills and floss. There’s so many different services out there, and it’s hard to know which ones are right for you. But never fear — you’ve found this handy blog to answer all your biting questions! We’ll cover […]

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Beautiful Smile

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost & Why?: Your Questions Answered

Teeth whitening is nothing to feel embarrassed about. It is very rare for someone to have perfectly white, shiny teeth over the course of their entire life. Over time, we all experience the natural yellowing of our teeth, even when we practise good and consistent oral hygiene. However, certain lifestyle choices will certainly exasperate this […]

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Veneers Tooth

How Long Dental Veneers Last & How You Can Get the Most Out of Them?

More often than not, dental veneers are a lifelong commitment. However, the lifespan of veneers themselves is far from lifelong. Depending on whether you choose porcelain or composite veneers, lifespans will vary. Either way, the answer to the question ‘do dental veneers last forever?’ is a resounding no. How Long Do Veneers Last on Your […]

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