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Do I Really Need a Dental Clean?

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably questioning the value of a dental checkup and clean. Maybe you’re struggling to squeeze an appointment into your schedule, or perhaps you’re grappling with a fear of the dentist. Maybe you noticed you’re several months overdue for a dental clean and that your teeth remain intact, nevertheless. All of the above scenarios may lend doubt to the importance placed upon receiving a dental checkup and clean.

With all that said and left undone, the unfortunate reality is that just because there is no sign of an issue doesn’t mean there isn’t one — or that one couldn’t develop sometime down the track. Here’s why you — yes, you — really need a dental clean, especially if it’s been a while.

Why Do You Need Regular Dental Checkups?

Regular dental checkups are your best defence against gum disease, cavities, tooth decay and other oral issues or infections. When you attend a routine checkup, you get a professional once-over that either confirms your current dental health or catches issues requiring preventative care or more urgent treatment. In a best-case scenario, your dentist affirms your current home care practices and provides peace of mind. In a worst-case scenario, you require one or a number of tooth extractions.

It’s important to note that more drastic procedures such as extractions and root canal treatments are rarely necessary for those who attend regular dental checkups. Should the nigglings of dental decay or infection present at a checkup, the dentist can advise preventative measures to nip them in the bud. Tooth extractions and root canals are last-resort options reserved for when decay or infections have progressed to an irreversible extent. If anything, you’re more likely to need one or more white fillings.

Restorative Options

While you likely wouldn’t require a tooth extraction from a single routine dental checkup, Abbotsford Dental has some great restorative options for this worst-case scenario. Let’s go over them now.

Dental Implants

From their tooth-coloured crown to their sturdy titanium screw, dental implants mimic natural teeth in appearance and functionality. If you can’t have a natural tooth, a dental implant is the next best option.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges literally bridge the gap in your smile. They typically comprise a single pontic (false tooth that fills the gap) and two dental crowns, although variations of this design do exist. In most cases, the pontic fills the void of the missing tooth while the two crowns sit atop the adjacent teeth. To facilitate the crowns, a dentist must permanently alter these adjacent teeth.


If you’re missing more than just a few teeth, you may want to consider dentures. Available in full or partial sets, dentures are removable dental appliances that can replace some or all of your teeth. Of course, it’s incredibly rare that a dentist would recommend dentures after a single routine appointment. If they do, there was likely another issue brewing beneath the gums’ surface for some time.

If the thought of undergoing any dental procedure — whether a routine checkup or dental bridge placement — sets your teeth a-chatter, fear not! Abbotsford Dental offers sleep dentistry for its more nervous patients. Ask your dentist about going under while they go into your mouth.

What Are the Basic Benefits of Regular Dental Checkups?

With regular dental checkups, you can rest easy knowing you have a clean bill of dental health — or, at least, the tools you need to get it back on track. For example, your dentist may notice evidence of incorrect brushing techniques or that you’re not flossing as frequently as you should. They can provide corrective advice about your home care routine that you may not have otherwise known, potentially protecting you from future cavities or infections.

Whether using dental X-ray technology or the naked eye, a dentist can also detect skeletal or orthodontic issues at a checkup. For example, your dentist may notice signs of bruxism (teeth grinding) or issues with occlusion (bite). For bite-related issues, Abbotsford Dental offers Invisalign® clear aligners: the newest and most discreet treatment for dental misalignment. For many, Invisalign® resolves most orthodontic issues and can even correct speech impediments.

Part and parcel of dental checkups are professional cleans — which always leave your mouth feeling pristine and beautiful. You can brush your teeth and rinse your mouth as much as you like, but it will never compare to that minty-fresh, straight-from-the-dentist feeling. However uncomfortable a dental clean may feel throughout the procedure, you can rest assured that it removes most of your plaque, calculus and surface stains. If you have some particularly stubborn stains, you can take things a step further with professional teeth whitening.

Whitening Options

When it comes to teeth whitening, you have two options: take-home whitening trays or an in-chair procedure. For best results, we recommend you undergo a Zoom whitening procedure, supplementing your results at home using the whitening trays. You also have the option of dental veneers, which mask stains and give a general aesthetic upgrade.

How Often Should You Visit the Dentist for Regular Checkups?

Patients with ongoing dental issues should visit their dental clinic as often as their dentist recommends. However, nine times out of ten, healthy adults should visit their dentist every six months. We also make the same recommendation for children and teenagers taking advantage of our children’s dentistry services.

Why You Should Choose Abbotsford Dental

Abbotsford Dental approaches dentistry from a holistic health perspective. We look beyond the mouth and the condition to see the whole person. Dental health is just one piece of the puzzle and our methodology honours that. When you choose Abbotsford Dental, you choose a personable approach.

We are also one of the dentists to embrace CEREC® technology. While it has nothing to do with dental cleans, CEREC® is a fantastic option to have should you ever require same-day dental crowns. In essence, this service eliminates the wait associated with traditional dental crown fittings and gets the crown completed for you without compromising on quality.

Finally, we can assist with dental emergencies, offering a service that understands the stress and time sensitivity inherent to such situations. Whether you need a routine clean or dentistry done pronto, we’re here to help. Book your next appointment with Abbotsford Dental, and we’ll take care of the rest!


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