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Yellow Teeth – Causes and Treatment

Yellow teeth are more common than we think they are. It is man’s nature to look good at all times. Having a great smile is part of that. A Yellowish dentition can turn a pretty smile to an ugly smile. A smile which is flashing discolored dentition can be an undesirable sight to look at. It can have an effect on self-esteem of a man. A person automatically becomes more conscious if he comes to know that he has yellow teeth. This is especially true, in cases where a person is informed of his discolored teeth by a colleague or a friend. The person loses his confidence and becomes hesitant to flash a smile. Even if he does, he tries to hide his teeth. This has detrimental effects on the psychological aspects of a person. Although, having discolored teeth might seem like a trivial issue, it can have telling effects on a person. Hence, it needs to be taken seriously and cured to restore the confidence in a person.

Causes of yellowing

There are plenty of causes of yellow dentition. Some people have naturally yellow dentition and there is nothing much you can do about it in such cases. The tooth consists of a layer of dentin which is covered by a layer of enamel which forms the outermost aspect of the tooth. The enamel gives the tooth its whitish appearance. However, in some people this enamel is thin and translucent which gives the teeth a yellowish appearance as the dentin is yellow. This is what causes naturally yellow teeth. However, there are many causes of yellow teeth apart from this.

Chromogenic foods impart color to the teeth and stain them. Foods like tea, coffee, wine cause discoloration of the teeth. Smoking deposits stains on the teeth as well. Poor oral hygiene maintenance in addition to consumption of these aggravates the problem.

Poor oral hygiene can also be solely responsible for the discoloration of your dentition. Taking good care of your teeth keeps them healthy and also shiny white. Neglecting your dental health leads to accumulation of plaque and tartar causing yellow teeth.

It is also a known fact that teeth become yellowish as you age. Over a period of time, the teeth are not as good in managing to keep chromogenic agents out. Gradually, chromogenic agents start to seep in and cause yellowing of the teeth. Also, aging can cause the enamel of teeth to wear down, further accentuating the yellowish tinge on the teeth.

Yellow teeth cure

The first step in treatment of yellow dentition is to identify what is causing yellow teeth. Usually, modification in dietary habits and proper maintenance of dental hygiene is good enough to stop the progress of yellowing of teeth.

A person can go for dental cleaning at the dentist in which a dentist uses ultrasonic instruments to remove tartar and stains off the teeth. This is usually effective to remove the residual lodged calculus and improves the appearance of teeth. If a person wants to further improve the appearance of his/her teeth, he/she can opt for teeth whitening. Teeth whitening bleaches the dentition and makes them appear whiter. Teeth whitening can be done in various forms such as teeth whitening pastes, teeth whitening gums, teeth whitening trays, professional tooth whitening etc.

In conclusion, yellowing of dentition is a dental condition which is very much reversible. One should maintain good dental hygiene to prevent discoloration of teeth. If you have yellow teeth, you can opt for the various tooth whitening systems to improve your smile

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