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How to Get Rid of Bad Breath And Some Serious Causes

Did you know that bad breath can be a sign of a serious problem?

The term bad breath or halitosis originates from the latin language which means Halitus (breath) and Osis which means situation. Literally, it translates as having bad breath.

Almost 90 percent of bad breath is caused by sulphur-producing bacteria that lived in the rear of the mouth. Most of the time, this is linked with the lack of cleanliness of the mouth, apart from hollow teeth, gum infection and Xerostomia.

Xerostomia has special characteristics such as having a dry mouth, thick saliva and often feeling thirsty and the need to ‘wet’ the throat. Generally, Xerostomia is caused by dehydration, stress, using mouthwash that contains alcohol, old age, radiotherapy and certain medicines such as anti-depressants.

Illnesses or more serious complications could also cause bad breath. For example, changes in the hormone, indigestion, sinus, tonsils infection, even cancer, diabetes, chronic bronchitis as well as heart and kidney problems.

Chronic heart problems can be detected through one’s bad breath. Usually, the breath will smell like acid or metal and unlike normal. Whereas, when breath smells like ammonia, it can be certain that the person suffers from a kidney problem because of the high level of ureum in the blood.

The strong and pungent smell of ammonia is a result of a chemical process. These compounds then enters the respiratory system, so as to cause bad breath.

If even after brushing teeth the breath still smells bad, then it is not caused from cavity in the mouth, but from the digestion system. Do you experience the difficulty of removing your bowels? Then it’s constipation that causes bad breath.

This process, by which germs in the intestines metabolises against built-up food leftovers in the large intestine and cannot be distributed as it should be. From the resulting pile-up, gases are produced which gives off a foul smell. Not only that, the process of consuming food to removal through excretion requires 14 hours. Anything more than that, if not excreted or removed, then it will change to poison which later will be absorbed again through the blood system.

When possible, try for the time being, to avoid food that could trigger bad breath like fish, meat, dairy products, spicy food, shallots, garlic, coffee and anything sweet. However, if you cannot help it, drink lots of plain water so that the smell can be protracted and is excreted through urine.

Chew a sprig of parsley or mint before and after a meal to get rid of after-meal bad breath.

For added measure, brush your tongue and the back of it plus use a tongue scraper if required.

If the cause of bad breath is from the digestion system, you can consume some medication, which can clean all wastes that clung and remain in the large intestine, so that the condition returns to normal.

How about a tonsil infection?

The tonsils that are infected, especially if it is acute, indeed could cause bad breath. The infection is caused by Streptococcus Hemolyticus germs which have unique typical characteristics. If you often feel pain in the lower waist area and back, rheumatism and the constant pounding of the heart, then it is caused by an infected tonsil. Also, these germs at the same time tries to attack the kidney, the heart and the nerves.

The tonsils formed are small but are part of a network of limfoids that produces the lymphocytes cell (one of the white blood cells types) that plays a role in producing Imunoglobulin A.; which is one of the defence systems in the body.

When the tonsils trigger bad breath, it can be overcome by consuming HPA products like Spirulina, Herb Tea and Honey as well as Lamandel.

Do check to see if some medicine you are consuming are causing bad breath and ultimately, do check if it is caused by the problems mentioned which can be serious and seek proper treatment.

Now, you can get rid of bad breath too. Imagine having such fresh breath (and so much self confidence) that you’ll be able to speak just inches away from anyone’s face or kiss that special someone without ever worrying about bad breath.

Courtesy of by Mohd. Sufendi


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