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Bright Smile

Make Sure to Try These Aftercare Tips to Look After Your Whitened Teeth

A beautiful smile not only brightens the face but the world as well. When someone is genuinely happy with their smile, they are able to smile and laugh easily and without the burden of insecurity. Inner peace or happiness are the emotional contributors to a beautiful smile.

The physical aspects of a radiant smile are the pearly white teeth. Due to certain changes in your diet or lifestyle, your teeth may lose this pearly whiteness, but it can be restored with a good teeth whitening treatment. If you are planning on investing in a teeth whitening treatment in Melbourne or anywhere near you, you may have a couple of pertinent questions in mind. The following information should help you to answer these questions.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

The answer to this, it depends on your lifestyle. It can last between a few months up to a year, and sometimes even between two to three years. If your lifestyle involves a lot of smoking and drinking beverages with dark pigments, such as red wine, coffee or tea, then your treatment will not last as long as three years. Secondly, eating dark pigmented fruits that have a high acid content can also be detrimental to a teeth whitening treatment.

How Long After a Teeth Whitening Treatment Can I Eat Normally?

The recommended time frame is between 24–72 hours or 2–3 days.

So, What Can I Eat After a Teeth Whitening Treatment?

For the first 2–3 days after receiving teeth whitening treatment, you will need to go easy on the red wine and coffee. This is because these drinks will negatively impact your teeth whitening treatment. They can easily stain any white surface, and your freshly treated teeth are no exception. During this period, you should consider eating lightly pigmented foods such as fish, rice, pasta and lightly seasoned chicken.

The second thing to note is that you shouldn’t eat any foods that are difficult to chew. This is because they will stick to the surface of your teeth and potentially cause abrasions. Try restricting yourself to softer foods for at least 24 hours.

How Else Can I Care for My Whitened Teeth?

1. Use Products that Curb Sensitivity

After almost any dental treatment, some people might experience sensitivity to hot or cold food. A teeth whitening treatment is no different. Many people already apply a whitening treatment themselves, using whitening toothpaste or other products as part of their oral health care regimen. If you have recently had a teeth whitening treatment, incorporating such products in your regimen will help reduce any discomfort you might be experiencing.

2. Brush Gently

Sometimes people can get a little rough when it comes to brushing their teeth. Usually, this is because they believe that brushing aggressively will clean their teeth more thoroughly. Unfortunately, this technique often does more bad than good. When using a toothbrush, especially after a teeth whitening treatment, be moderately gentle so as to avoid stripping off the whitening and causing discomfort to your teeth and gums.

3. Wait a While Before Your Next Teeth Whitening Treatment

Depending on the pretreatment condition of your teeth, it is possible that you may not achieve your desired results in terms of whitening. In such a scenario, it is highly recommended that you do not immediately go for a second session. Waiting for some time will prevent you from damaging the enamel of your teeth.

4. Have Follow-up Appointments with your Dentist

A teeth whitening treatment requires follow-up visits with your dentist. They will examine your teeth and make sure everything is in prime health condition. This also means that if you need any further treatment, you can easily be advised by your dentist.

Where to Get Excellent Teeth Whitening Treatment in Melbourne?

If you’re on the lookout for teeth whitening treatment in Melbourne, or anywhere for that matter, you’ll understand that finding a good dentist is sometimes rather difficult. You might be uncertain as to whether they are competent or friendly. You might struggle to find one nearby, and find yourself stressing about the potential commute from your residence or workplace.

Thankfully, Abbotsford Dental is here to help. Our experienced, knowledgeable and approachable staff can help you feel calm and confident during dental procedures. Conveniently located near Collingwood, our dental practice is close to the Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas. If you’re planning on investing in a teeth whitening treatment, book your appointment at Abbotsford Dental. Visit our website or contact us today for more information.


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