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top 5 toothpastes dentists love

Top 5 Toothpastes Dentists Love

When you walk into any supermarket today to buy a toothpaste, you will find yourself in a sea of multiple options. Rows upon rows of different toothpaste brands on the shelves. Unless you have a preference; you will be dazzled with the many, enticing promotional texts on each toothpaste brand.

Every company wants to attract more customers. And so they use appealing taglines such as “Pure. Fresh. Clean,” “advanced formulas,” “number 1 recommended by dentists,” “multi-action,” “Feel the Shine,” “micro-cleaning crystals,” “natural” and many more to lure buyers.

The word “Natural,” for instance, may hint that the toothpaste contains no artificial flavours and colours. But if there’s more than one brand with the same buzzword, how do you know which toothpaste is better?

To help you choose a toothpaste that is right for you, we’ve put together a list of top five toothpastes dentists like best.

1. Sensodyne ProNamel – best for sensitivity

Sensodyne brand is highly reputed as the best for sensitive teeth. The company offers different versions of the product, and as of now, however, the Sensodyne ProNamel iso-active is the most widely recommended. This toothpaste is packed with minerals that form a protective coating on the outer layer of your teeth.

Aside from that, it is specially formulated with a high percentage of potassium nitrate to block receptors in the teeth that normally translate hot and cold signals into sharp shooting kind of pain. Those who suffer from sensitivity have reported significant relief after using Sensodyne toothpaste for only a short period. Also, the Sensodyne ProNamel iso-active, in particular, has the added advantage of a well-balanced pH designed to help prevent acid erosion on your teeth.

2. Colgate Total – best for gum health

Colgate toothpaste comes in varieties, and each is perfect for a specific purpose or even more. The brand is still popular with many consumers. And, dentists all over the world recommend Colgate. Being around for many years, Colgate toothpaste has certainly earned its place as a market leader for;

  • Strengthening the enamel
  • Fighting plaque and germs to keep your gum healthy.
  • Freshening breath.

Colgate Total, in particular, is formulated to kill germs that accumulate between your teeth. Unlike other ordinary toothpaste, it contains antimicrobial triclosan, a substance that fights bacteria causing gum diseases. Many dentists, therefore, recommend Colgate Total as a top pick for keeping your gum health in good shape.

Since prevention is better than cure, it is important to approach gum health preventively by killing the germs that cause gum disease way before severe infection. And that requires toothpaste that contain the right amount of antimicrobial triclosan, such as Colgate Total. For satisfactory results, the best thing to do is to brush your teeth using Colgate Total at a 45-degree angle. Because at this angle, the bristles can effectively reach up under your gum line to remove bacteria that burrow there.

3. Colgate Optic White –  best for whitening (but don’t have high expectations)

Tooth whitening requires toothpaste that is specially made with abrasives to polish teeth, plus chemicals that aid in dissolving or breaking down tough stains.

In the past, such toothpaste contained large amounts of abrasives that when used frequently, became unsafe as they damaged teeth enamel or gums.

Today, improved versions contain safe-sized abrasives along with chemicals that make them effective at removing tough stains on your teeth. Some even form a shield around your teeth to help seal out new stains.

And the Colgate Optic White is one such toothpaste.  It removes stains ordinary toothpaste don’t, leaving brighter and whiter teeth. This is because it contains hydrogen peroxide, a powerful chemical that targets and easily removes tough, stubborn stains which build on the teeth surface. The level of hydrogen peroxide contained however is relatively low, and any whitening effects it creates would be very short term.

While hydrogen peroxide and abrasive particles in the toothpaste help reduce stains, no toothpaste will be effective against darker stains that have stayed for quite a while.


Darker stains are as a result of food particles building up between your teeth over a long period. If you don’t remove these food particles in time, they gradually form a tougher darker layer of tartar that even proper brushing with Colgate Optic White won’t knock off.

It’s therefore advisable to visit a dentist who will use special polishing tools to help remove such stains and restore your bright, dazzling smile.

4. Oral B Pro-Health –  best for all round usage

Dentists love Oral-B toothpaste because it offers a wide assortment of purpose. It’s best of all-rounded dental care and specifically flavoured for children. With a single use of the Oral-B Pro-Health toothpaste, you whiten your teeth, reduce sensitivity and help prevent formation of cavities, plaque and gingivitis while at the same time freshening your breath.

One of the more well-known limitations of using Oral-B Pro-Health is that it contains stannous fluoride that can deprive your teeth of its white color. It’s always best to see your dentist for help when you notice brown spots after a short period of using Crest Pro-Health.

5. Colgate My First – best for children

Children require low/no fluoride toothpastes because they tend to ingest residual toothpaste rather than spit it out. Excessive fluoride in children leads to white spots (fluorosis spots) on their adult teeth, with some cases even having brown stripes. Colgate My First is a low fluoride formulation which is also low in foam which is more comfortable for children to use.


No matter the brand, always go for toothpastes that are approved by the Australian Dental Association (ADA) because;

  • They are tested and proven medically.
  • They contain fluoride, the mineral that ADA terms as nature’s cavity fighter. The mineral fluoride forms a protective coating on teeth to safeguard them from the harsh effects of cavity-causing bacteria and acids.

Last but not least, find out what your teeth need most depending on your dental health before shopping for a toothpaste. Remember that it may not be possible to get everything you need in one toothpaste brand. However, it’s our hope that this list will help you choose the toothpaste that is right for you. Otherwise, stick to what your dentist recommends.


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