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Father and Son Brushing Teeth

Different Ways to Teach Kids Good Oral Hygiene

When it comes to dental care for your children, there’s nothing more effective than teaching your child to take care of their teeth by themselves. Issues such as cavities and tooth or gum infections can easily be prevented when your child has proper oral hygiene.

There are a variety of simple ways you can teach kids good oral hygiene habits.

1. Lead by Example

As a parent, you’ve most likely already noticed how impressionable children can be. Kids easily and quickly pick up the words you say and the things you do. This trait can be used to teach good habits when it comes to your child’s dental care.

It all starts with you. Brush and floss regularly and make healthy meal choices. Ensure your children see everything you are doing, or even better, do them together. Don’t forget to make it seem like you’re having a lot of fun flossing and brushing.

Soon they’ll be mimicking you, in no time, your kid will have excellent oral hygiene habits.

2. Use Brushing Songs

One way to help your kids enjoy basic oral hygiene practices, such as flossing and not overeating sugar, is using songs. Get a fun, cheerful song that is relevant to kids’ dental care and good oral hygiene.

You’re sure to find a suitable song that will help encourage your child on the internet. You may even find a fun video as well that you and your child can watch. Alternatively, you can make up a song that your kid will enjoy.

The recommended brushing length is two minutes, so a two-minute-long song can also serve as a timer. Sing it to your kid or play it from a phone or speaker while your kid brushes. This way, they brush for long enough and have fun doing it.

3. Go for Regular Dentist Checks

Dental checks for children aren’t scary or dreadful. In reality, they can be fun experiences that your child can even look forward to. Your child should visit the dentist at least once every six months. These regular dental checks for kids are invaluable to their dental health. One way to get them accustomed to the dentist is by taking them with you on your regular check-ups. This way, they get used to the environment and are less scared and sceptical when it’s their turn.

Another way to help your kid enjoy their dental appointment is by choosing a great, friendly, and warm dentist. The dentist and staff at the dental clinic play a considerable role in making the experience enjoyable for your child. If you have ever visited an unfriendly dentist as a child, then you know exactly what this means. A fun, friendly, welcoming environment is key to making your kid’s dental checks enjoyable.

4. Special Toothbrush and Toothpaste

When choosing a toothbrush, the softness of the bristles or the size of the handle isn’t as important as you may think. To make brushing a positive and enjoyable experience for your kid, you’ll have to go the extra mile. Choose a toothbrush that your child will look forward to using, for instance, a toothbrush that has their favourite colours or favourite cartoon character on it.

The same goes for toothpaste. Your plain and minty toothpaste may be effective, but to your child, it could be very boring. There are a lot of great toothpaste options for kids out there. You could get one in a fruity flavour that they’d like or in a fun colour.

Can You and Your Child Visit the Same Dentist?

If you visit a family dentist, it’s more convenient for you to have your kid’s dental checks at the same dentist.
However, you’re probably wondering if a family dentist is a better choice.

To make the best choice, you should have a good idea of both your options. Family dentists are similar to general dentists. The significant difference being that family dentists provide dental care to people of all ages, while general dentists may choose to treat just adults.

Our dentists at Abbotsford Dental have gone through additional training to be better able to treat children specifically.

A family dentist is perfectly capable of caring for your child’s teeth, preventing cavities, and providing other primary child dental care services. However, for something more serious, a paediatric dentist is your best bet. In such cases, your family dentist is likely to refer your child to a paediatric dentist for them to receive more specialised care. Contact us today and schedule a checkup for your child or book your appointment online.


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