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Dental Bridge Repair

When You Need Dental Bridge Repair?

Oral care is something that needs to be practised at all ages. Irrespective of whether people are young or old, dental hygiene is an issue of utmost importance. People tend to lose their teeth for many reasons, internal and external. When one or more teeth are lost, people resort to medical assistance. They submit themselves to qualified dentists who help them tackle the issue by building dental bridges.

Dental bridges are usually built in a strong manner to last for many years. However, they may need occasional repairing as time passes by. Some dental bridges need to be replaced depending on their fitment and purpose serving ability. Teeth that are built in an artificial manner to fill in the gap between the lost ones are referred to as Abutment teeth.

In common man’s language, such teeth are called false tooth. These teeth help in building dental bridges. A dental bridge may become a necessity when the dentist finds out the need during one of the routine dental checkups or when the earlier one built has given up.

Reasons why Dental Bridges Fail?

Dental bridges have no reason to fail medically. Irrespective of whether they are made of porcelain or ceramics, dental bridges are held back to the teeth with a metal or zirconia structure available for the purpose. If at all they fail, it may be due to the lack of hygiene in oral care by people concerned.

Lack of oral care makes bacteria cause decay in the abutment teeth fixed to fill the gaps. Harmful bacteria typically manage to enter through the crown fixed on the top of the abutment teeth.

Remember, Abutment Teeth are prone to be affected by bacteria and are also prone to breakage due to fractures. Issues about the abutment Teeth can also be caused due to a breakage in the pontic or just the coating. Looking at the issue from a different angle, even a fracture in the metal fixtures underneath can cause trouble to the Dental Bridge. Many times, the colour or fitment of the bridge may cause tension more than any breakages.

When exactly do teeth require a fix?

Identifying as to when a dental bridge need fixing is a task by itself. Typically, as per the medical industry, a dental bridge must last for a minimum of 5 to 7 years and even as long as 35 years. However, since abutment teeth are fully covered, the only way available to ascertain their health is through the signs of decay if they exhibit.

These signs are predominantly given by the healthy teeth around the abutment teeth. Some signs are given by the abutment teeth also act as pointers for fixing the same. Some such signs are a crack on the surface of the teeth or breakage of the material with which the abutment teeth is built. Supersensitivity and pain are also pointers which indicate the requirement for the dental bridge to be fixed. Radiographs (x-rays) can also be taken to ascertain the health of the abutment teeth.

Dental Bridge Repair

The dentist ascertains the exact treatment required depending upon the primary cause of worry. If the problem is with the abutment tooth, it necessitates removing the bridge built earlier. Abutment teeth are cemented to the bridges so they can be held in a strong manner. This makes it inevitable to break the built bridge so the abutment teeth can be treated for the problem.

If the treatment is given to the teeth and the problem gets sorted out, the bridge can be rebuilt again to cover the same. If the abutment teeth are not treatable, then an implant gets necessitated. Implants provide support to build a new bridge. Implants can be made inside the jawbone replacing the lost teeth as well as abutment teeth.

On the other hand, if the problem is with the porcelain which chips out from the fixture, the dentist can in some select situations do a repair in a non-aesthetic zone.

Oral care for the new bridge

Care must be taken to brush the teeth at least twice a day after the new bridge is fixed. This will also help increase the longevity of the abutment teeth as well as the new bridge built. Flossing underneath the bridge is also essential but can be very difficult because of the teeth now being fixed to one another. Solutions such as superfloss, interdental brushes and air/water flossers are all easy, simple ways to clean these areas and maintain hygiene.

Ensure high levels of nutrition are provided to the teeth by consuming vegetable and fruits every day. Set up appointments with your dentist to clean your teeth in six monthly intervals. Such habits increase the oral hygiene levels helping you maintain a good dental health for long periods of time.

When you feel your tooth bridge is failing, don’t wait for them to repair all by themselves. Remember they need the help of a Dentist in Abbotsford. to get cured. Don’t miss to book an appointment with your dentist in Abbotsford whenever you face an issue with the Dental Bridge. After all, restoring your beautiful smile must get your priority at all points of time.


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