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How to Remove Tonsil Stones Quickly and Easily

Do you constantly feel like you have bad breath, do you want to learn how to remove tonsil stones (in the medical world known as “t-tones”? Are you constantly checking your breath out? Well, did you know that t-stones are actually a very common reason for bad breath. Do not fear though, in this article, we are going to explore how to remove t-stones quickly, easily and effectively so you can not just gain your breath back, but you can also feel less self conscious.

Learn How to Remove Tonsil Stones Naturally

In essence, a tonsil stone is just a deposit of calcium, some food bacteria and dead cells mixed in with other debris that get caught into your tonsils. This can be similar to plaque that forms on your teeth however these stones form on the back of your throat and also on the back of your tongue. So how can you get rid of tonsil stones without having to go into surgery? Stay tuned, because we are going to teach you.

  • The first method that we are going to talk about is poking at the stones with a toothpick. This is a great way to release some of the deposits in the stones and make them disappear. However, you have to be careful not to go too far and not to harm yourself. This is a great method on how to remove the stones effectively.
  • Next, is using your toothbrush. This is a very effective method and you can use not just the bristles of your brush but also the back of it. This will scrap the tonsil stones off of your tongue and the back of your throat quickly.
  • If the toothbrush is not what you are looking to do, a jet of water can also help you and is a great way of removing them. Just use a blast of water to blast the stones off of your tongue and throat and in no time, you should see a difference. This is the most effective way.

So what if none of these ways work for you? Well, there is gargling to consider. You can gargle warm salt water in order to loosen up the stones and if you gargle hard enough, they may come loose so that you may be able to spit them out. What are some other ways we can learn how to remove “t-stones” naturally? See below for the answers!

Tonsil Stones: Remove Them Effectively by Using a Tongue Scraper

Oh yes, a tongue scraper, almost like the toothbrush works wonders on removing tonsilloliths and is a great addition to any dental hygiene collection, this is a great method for learning how to remove tonsil stones. You can also change up your diet as well, cutting out a lot of the junk food and adding in some veggies and fruit, these too will help eliminate a lot of the tonsil stones in your mouth and another piece in the collection of learning how to remove tonsil stones.

So now that you have learned some ways on how to remove tonsilloliths naturally, what if none of them work? Well, surgery should be a final decision and should be a decision between you and your doctor. Consulting and discussing your options with your doctor is important when it comes to how to remove tonsil stones effectively.

Courtesy of by Aseem Gupta


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