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Are You Suffering From Dental Problems?

Remember how in childhood, your mother would always scold you on eating too many chocolates? And because of the overwhelming love of old grandparents or neighbors, by the end of the day, you would be sitting and crying loudly, complaining of a bad toothache. Feels funny now when you think of this little childhood memory, but it stands equally painful today too.

Even today, we cry like children when we get shaken up by the tooth sensitivity. We feel like shouting and crying and stomping on the ground when someone offers ice cream and with a watery mouth, we say (with watery eyes) “I would love to, but no. Thanks”. Or while we feel like freshening up with our favorite coffee or tea, instead of a smiling face, we sit with a sulky and painful face, because that hotness of the drink always hurts our tooth and gum nerves.

Most of us do not get time to go for washing our mouth after eating or drinking something. This causes a thick layer of tartar to get frozen on our teeth, making the color get yellow. It gets so embarrassing, when in order to laugh out loudly, we need to hide our face, so that the yellow color of teeth is not prominently visible. And sometimes, it happens that we repel people because of a bad breath. While we are talking of food and dental hygiene, who can forget the cavities! Those little scary black holes on our teeth have been because of some slimy fluid called plaque! So horrifying already!

When we talk of “Dental Health“, it’s not only the teeth that we are talking about, but the gums as well. Bleeding gums lead to a bad breath and a weird taste in the mouth. It doesn’t let us enjoy any of our favorite food and even after brushing, we feel like we have a stinking mouth.

These were just some of the common dental problems which most of us are aware of. But there are many of them which we might be suffering, but do not know their root cause. Ever wondered, why do dentists say that mouth is the mirror of our body? Let us see the possible reasons for this amusing statement of the dentists:

  • The first thing that we notice while interacting with someone is the face. And the most important thing on face is our mouth, with which we do all the talking. So whenever we open our mouth, our teeth are visible, and if we are standing in close proximity with someone, then our breath is also prominently noticed. Therefore, we can say that it reflects how well we are maintaining our body.
  • If we go down the memory lane, we will see that whenever we have visited the doctor, he has always asked us to open our mouth and show our tongue, even when we had visited him complaining of some flu! The reason is that our breath speaks it all! Our breath and tartar on the tongue would tell the doctor whether there is something wrong or not.
  • Whenever there is any kind of chemical imbalance in our body, the first signs appear in our mouth. Like foul breath, gum bleeding, loosening of teeth roots, excessive saliva or excessive dryness.

Courtesy of by Amardeep Anand


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