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Tooth Ache Remedy While on Vacation

While many suffer from nausea while on the seas or jetlag after flying across the country, a tooth ache is one of the worst pains to get while you are on vacation. Not only can the pain be excruciatingly painful, but it is one of the biggest reasons why a vacation is ruined. If you have the first signs of an infected tooth, then it would be best to postpone the trip or get an appointment with your dentist immediately. Make sure that the dentist prescribes you a prescription pain reliever that you can take with you. Do not ignore the pain and hope that you can ignore it with all of the exciting activities going on. A tooth ache will only get worse with time, and you will not be able to ignore the pain for very long.

If you are flying, then you are much more susceptible to a painful tooth. This is due to the barometric pressure that you encounter when you are up in the air. If you have ever been on a plane then you probably remember that your ears will pop as you go higher and higher into the atmosphere. If you already have an inner ear infection or a sinus problem, then the pressure from your ears will only accumulate into your jaw, causing a tooth ache. If you have dental work done prior to flying, then it is recommended that you stay away from flying for a certain amount of time. Being higher in the atmosphere can cause your new incision to bleed.

While there are certain dental insurance providers that will cover international practitioners and other traveling situations, it is best to stick with a dentist that you know and trust. Try to avoid eating foods that can cause an irritated tooth. Popcorn is one of the leading causes, as well as extremely cold foods. Do not forget to pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss for your trip. This will help prevent you from having any type of tooth pain. You will have to check with some flight companies before you pack. Many planes will not allow toothpaste. However, baking soda is allowed, which is an excellent alternative to tooth paste.

While you might have already done so, make sure to pack an extra strength Tylenol for the trip. This will not only help relieve the pain of a possible tooth ache, but any pains that could occur. There are also direct medications that you can apply to the tooth which will numb the area. Any antiseptic that contains Benzocaine will work fine. Remember to never place aspirin directly on your gums, because this can cause your gums to be burned.

The lingering question is if you should seek the help of a dentist while you are in another country or area of your country. If it is an emergency that you are not able to cure with basic remedies, then it is crucial that you seek the help of a professional. Some tooth aches are too severe for you to wait until you arrive back home. While abroad, your dental insurance provider can recommend other practitioners that are under the same coverage and who are reliable.

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