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Teeth Whitening Treatment

What Is Zoom Whitening Treatment & How Effective Is It?

It really is no secret – everyone wants that million-dollar smile, and the confidence that comes along with being able to flaunt those pearly whites. As desirable as that may sound though, most people need some extra help to get there. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to whiten your teeth, and the Zoom whitening treatment is one that really works.

What Is Zoom Whitening?

Think of the best safety for your teeth meeting the best whitening results, and you are thinking of the Philips Zoom whitening treatment. Our experienced dentists at Abbotsford Dental use a unique hydrogen peroxide whitening gel and the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed Whitening LED Accelerator’s intense light to deliver whiter teeth in under an hour, all with no damage to your enamel or existing restorations.

Laser Teeth Whitening vs Zoom Teeth Whitening

The key difference between laser whitening and Zoom whitening is the fact that the former targets each tooth individually, while the latter reaches and affects all your teeth at the same time. Laser whitening can be easier to tolerate for some people with more sensitive teeth, but Zoom whitening offers faster results, and filters out a lot of infrared energy, hence not exposing your precious teeth to as much heat. Your dentist can help you understand the nuances better, and make a well-informed decision when it comes to choosing your teeth whitening process.

See and Experience the Zoom Whitening Difference

With the Zoom whitening treatment, you can improve your teeth’s lustre, and get up to eight shades whiter teeth in under an hour, as has been proven clinically. Don’t believe our claim? See the Zoom whitening before and after difference for yourself – all while protecting your enamel, with little to no sensitivity!


How Long Does Zoom Teeth Whitening Last?

The million-dollar question for your million-dollar smile: how long will your teeth stay white after Zoom? While results vary from person-to-person based on multiple factors, on average, the effects of Zoom whitening last for 12–24 months. However, the benefits can be maximised by maintaining good oral care, avoiding smoking, and avoiding or limiting consumption of staining drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine and cola. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day with a recommended whitening toothpaste, and regular flossing can go a long way too.

How Often Should You Get Zoom Whitening?

It is not recommended to get a Zoom whitening treatment done more than once a year, which is also in line with the average duration of its results. Dentists may do touch-ups on your teeth in about six months, but the answer to this question is also heavily dependent on your oral hygiene and the foods or drinks you ingest.

What Can I Eat After Zoom Whitening?

For around 48 hours after your Zoom whitening procedure, your enamel and dentin layer remain porous, and hence can be susceptible to staining foods. As such, it is wise and prudent to avoid things such as coffee, tea, red wine, soft drinks, candies and chocolates, and dark fruits like berries, pomegranates, and cherries.

It is advisable to follow what is called the ‘White Diet’, consisting of things that don’t cause discolouration and aren’t acidic in nature. A list of foods that are great to have after a Zoom whitening treatment include but aren’t limited to:

  • Light-coloured fruits and vegetables
  • Paste, rice and bread
  • Yoghurt and white cheese – avoid flavoured yoghurts and coloured cheeses
  • Tofu, chicken and fish – stick to white sauces to pair with them
  • Water

Where Can I Get Zoom Whitening Done in Melbourne?

The team at Abbotsford Dental led by Dr. Frank Nikakhtar are trained and experienced in providing Zoom whitening treatments, and will be the perfect guides on your journey to getting those elusive pearly whites. Book a consultation now to get answers to any questions you may have.


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